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Ginger Jack is 100% organic and gushing with cold-pressed ginger of the highest quality!


Our ginger juice contains 0% alcohol but is stronger than tequila!

That’s what we like to hear. If you want to be cool, you’d better go all the way. You’ll find our Ginger Jack tote bags in our webshop and distribution points. 

Send it back? Ginger Jack is way too delicious to send back. But if you do have a problem, simply send us a mail on hello@gingerjack.be.

No worries! Ginger Jack can also be diluted with a splash of sparkling or still water. And in your tea, a slice of lemon in our ginger juice is delightful!

Our ginger juice comes free from two bottles or more. Crazy as it is!

Jack hits the road the day after you order.

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