Your daily dose of ginger, tastefully packaged

Your daily dose of ginger, tastefully packaged

A ginger drink that is delicious and healthy, and also ready to drink? Yes! Pure, in tea or as a mixer? Yes!
Keen to taste it? The answer is yes!


4.9 stars out of 49 reviews

Gembersap cup

Instant ginger shots for a morning boost


100% organic
ginger drink


Ginger is some
natural magic

Woman holding gember
Ginger Jack’s ginger facts tablet

Ginger Jack’s
ginger facts

For irritable bowels (and people)

Ginger juice stimulates the digestion, expelling unpleasant tension and your bad mood in a snap

Cleanses the body (on the inside)

Detoxing after a heavy weekend? Armed with a daily shot of ginger your body breaks down all the toxins.

Keeps you warm (and hot)

Ginger increases your blood circulation, warms your body and is one of the most widely used aphrodisiacs in the world.

Pure ginger juice is really not tasty

Honestly, it’s just not drinkable. That’s why we carefully searched for a unique formula, a balanced ginger drink that you do pour in smoothly, without diluting.

Ginger Jack gembersap
Ginger Jack gembersap

The power of ginger

Made to actually drink

Ginger Jack is drunk straight and undiluted. A fresh shot that is truly tasty and pleasantly tickles the throat, without setting fire to your larynx.

A Ginger Jack a day…

A healthy daily dose of ginger does not always suit your routine, unless it’s Ginger Jack: your daily magic in a delicious shot.

Back to the roots

We tame the tang of the ginger roots while maintaining their freshness, making even the pure juice easy to enjoy.

Ginger Jack gembersap
Ginger Jack gembersap
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You’re not alone…


…in drinking Ginger Jack. Our ginger goodness is gobbled by many a greedy guzzler. Just listen to Lisette, a seasoned ginger enthusiast.

4.9 stars
Based on 49 reviews
Spicy, herbal and fresh juice. Ideal as an aperitif without alcohol. Highly recommended for everyone.
Jeroen S.
Hmmm, so flavorful. And then healthy too. I drink it on the rocks!
Goele J.
Top product!!! Lovely fresh taste with a spicy touch. And healthy too!
Toon S.
4.9 stars
Based on 49 reviews

Ginger power,
every hour

Kickstart the morning with a delicious shot of Ginger Jack and you’ll be all set for the day: good spirits, good inspiration, good motivation… And goodness knows what else.

Gembersap ontbijt

Spice up your lunch

Enliven your lunch with a pure shot of Ginger Jack and turn your afternoon dip into an afternoon high! Also delicious as energising cordial with sparkling water or tonic.

Spice up your lunch mob
Gembersap ontbijt
Ginger Jack gembersap
Gembersap ontbijt

Apero time, but different

Something different for a change?With a delicious ginger cocktail it feels like summer every evening, even in the depths of winter. It’s also the perfect partner to a pleasant dinner! Be sure to check our recipes for the best alcohol-free cocktails.
Apero time, but different mob

Nightcap for those in the know

A wee drop to gently end the day? The soothing powers of ginger tea are exactly what you need to slip into bed as relaxed as a Nepalese Zen Buddhist. Try our recipe for delicious bedtime tea.

Slaapmutsje voor gevorderden mob

Discover the best Ginger Jack combinations

Download our large recipe book and learn how to mix, shake and stir the most delicious and surprising drinks.

Vers van de pers

Ginger Jack is misschien koud geperst, maar wij krijgen het steevast warm wanneer we in de pers verschijnen. Herlees hier onze vermeldingen.

Woman holding gember
Ginger Jack gembersap
Man pouring gembersap
Ginger Jack gembersap

Made in Belgium,
loved everywhere

Ginger Jack is brewed locally by true fanatics, ginger lovers who have been working for years to generate the perfect ginger drink. And you can taste the love. We’re not the ones to say it, it’s what we hear from our Ginger Jackaroos all over the world.


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